Today, a lot of young women are very independent and dynamic. They want to travel and discover themselve. Therefore, alone travelling trend becomes growing. The below tips will help woman to have a trip being fun and safe for alone travelling.


1. Landing midnight

In fact, selecting the flights landing at 3 AM will help you to save some money. But you should be sure about your choice. You don’t really want to find the hotel at dawn in a strange place. It is so dangerous and has many unexpected things. Select the flight landed at safer daytime and be easy to familiar with new time zone. That makes you be safe and healthy. It is so great to start your discovery.

2. Dude

The casual wearing is comfortable while traveling or visiting everywhere. However, you should learn to see where you put your steps that wearing of too short pants or open shoulder shirt is banned or not. Suitable wearing is not only shows your respect for cultural destination to get on well, but also helps you not to be too prominent in strange place.


3. Do not have contingency plans

You should prepare for the worst case that can occur when you are alone in an unfamiliar place. This is really necessary to make you to be calm in any situation. There is a small tip that is putting your money into some drug vials to prevent from the case being robbed all of cash or credit card, lose your total money. Nobody checks your medicine vials to find money at all. Of course, do not take it together with your cash or credit. Before going, send all important personal information to your e-mail address to have sufficient information despite losing your identification.

4. Other woman is not dangerous

Instinctively, women often feel safer to meet the other women in alone traveling. In fact, there are not few people who are abuse, harm and put you into the bad situation in a foreign country. You can meet and converse with other people on the road, but be careful, especially at the first meeting. Although they are women you should not believe them completely if you do not understand all about them.


5. Giving your address to stranger

Obviously, you would not say to someone at the first meet that you stay somewhere. In addition, you should pay attention to insure that stranger cannot see the information when filling out the required paperwork about your recent address. Especially, do not let others know that you are stay with nobody.

6. Take unofficial taxi

The taxi driver must have identity card to get information about the driver if danger or uncertainty. Moving by unofficial taxi is cheaper to save a lot of money, but safety in a foreign place is more important. You also save the authority office number such as police, hospital. Before going, you can search for name and number phone of taxi brand trusted in the place where you come.

7. Bringing glisten jewelry

Women tend to dress and wear beautiful jewelry when traveling. However, do not bring sparkling jewelry, if not suddenly you will become a target for thieves and pickpockets.

 You should choose some not being noticeable and simple. So, you are not only beautiful but also safe.

8. Opening the door immediately when someone calls

Whether the caller is maintenance, cleaning or room servicer staff, but if you do not ask before, do not open immediately. Instead, check through peephole or call receptionist before the decision to open or not. It seems complex, but safe. Let imagine, what happens when the caller is bad people such as robber, rapist or killer. So be dangerous.

9. Getting food, drink from strangers

There are some interesting experiences such as going to party and drink until to be drunk or going picnic with people whom you do not know. However, think of the possibilities would eat sleeping pills and be rob or hurt.


10. Do not let these fears make you to not dare to go alone

The tips above are to give you to avoid unforeseen can happen any time. Do not think the best you should not go far alone when there are too many such risks. You just need to learn skills and get knowledge about important and remarkable rules in place, bear in mind the uncertainties may occur to prevent and start your funny trip. Going far away with nobody is great experience that you should have in your life.


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