Your child is getting older years by years. One day, you suddenly realize t it’s time to teach your children how to live independently. And, to kick the ball, you decide to teach them to ride a bicycle, but still feel afraid that your kids may get hurt while learning to ride the bike.In the past, many parents would let their kids practice on a four-wheel bike first. However, nowadays we offer you another choice: a balance bike. Looking for the best balance bike reviews?- This article is exactly all you need.


A balance bike is a bike with two wheels and no pedals at all. Many of you may be afraid that your kids cannot learn to ride a bike that way- with no pedals. In fact, riding a bike actually requires your kids the ability to keep balance when on two wheels, not to pedal. There is then no reason for you to worry about the balance bike’s effectiveness. But more than that, the balance bike can bring you and your kids unexpected but great benefits.

It all lies in the design

The design of the balance bike itself brings extreme benefits.

First, no pedaling means that the only thing your children have to pay attention to is to keep balance- they do not have to combine too many skills like when they ride a three-wheel bike. You can let them use the balance bike themselves without worrying they may get hurt. Soon, they will get used to and become interested in riding the bike.

The saddle of the bike is placed very low, at least, 28cm from the ground so that you do not have to worry you kids may fall. Even an 18-month-old kid can sit on it very stably. Feeling safe will help encourage the kids to practice, after all.


The weight is also strength of balance bikes. Balance bike are produce with light weight, only 3.1 kg at most, twice lighter than the smallest original three- wheel bike. Your children can even lift them up with their two hands when they want to change their direction.

The tires are made by soft plastic and are super durable. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the tire can become flat. Moreover, the bikes can operate on any topographic.

There are places for your kids to place their feet when they feel tired, also. The handlebar can be turned around 1800, making the bike more flexible. Compared to the normal kinds, whose handlebars can only be turn to a particular angle, balance bike helps your children keep balance better, avoiding many accidents that are able to happen. Even if the bike falls, these handlebars can protect your kids from being injured.

Balance bikes help your kids grow

Improve their independence


Give your children the whole control of their bikes then you will see. Let them take their bike in and out themselves, let them practice without you, let them clean up their bikes on their own. Surely, that will teach them how to live independently. The very light weight of the bikes allows the kids to do everything without getting hurt. So, all you have to do is just not to worry.

Remember to bring the balance bike along when you have to go anywhere with your children and you may even become jealous with the bike as your kids will stick to their balance bike instead of you like before!

Build their confidence

When you give your kids the right to manage their bikes, they will feel that they are appreciated, especially when they are young. Imagine this- if your children can ride a bike at the age of two, how will you feel? – Of course, so proud! But how will your child feel? – Not only proud, they will feel happy, feel that they are excellent, and feel that they can do anything. And, that make them feel more and more confidence.

Keep your kids healthy

Practice to ride a bike, especially a bike that has no possibilities to become dangerous will definitely make your kids healthier. As your kids become more into their balance bikes, they will willingly go to practice every day. That gives your kids more chance to work out and thus help greatly improve their health.

A review on balance bike

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