In the daily life, the hearing aspect of human receives a lot of different sounds. However, not all of the sounds feature the musical elements inside them. However, when getting to know more about guitar, this type of musical instrument offers a particular sound so that individuals can recognize after hearing for the first time.


For some professional guitar players, they are more likely to pick up the best reverb pedal to support in their musical events. Therefore, have you understood some basic information about the guitar as well as the method for playing it?

In the market nowadays, there are different types of pedal for individuals to adjust or control the sounds produced from their guitars. To illustrate, they were divided into 4 basic types such as the Pitch modulation. Distortion, Dynamics and Delay Pedal.

What is the pedaling device?

Pedal is the device which is often used for aligning or transforming the sound of the electric guitar in many different kinds of tone. Nowadays, this musical supporter has become very popular towards a great number of guitar players.

For instance, the pedal makes the electric guitar find it easy to form the attached sound, distortion or even the clean sound

In fact, pedal is usually designed as the press-button by the foot (or also known as the pedal). With this musical supporter, the player can change the tones of sound without having to use their hand when playing. A simple pedal is designed with 2 sockets: In and Out.

  • In receives the signals from your guitars or and other instruments related to guitars
  • Out tends to reflect its signals to the amplifier.

Instruction of those pedaling devices

In term of instruction, these features were designed initially as the pedaling boxes with single specifications. Thanks to development of technology day to day, manufacturers have improved and added some more processors. For instance, the tabletop units, the rack mount and floor pedal.


In addition, nowadays there are some pedals go along with the headphone jacks or drum devices to fulfill the practicing purposes. Therefore, individuals can transfer their sounds or listen to the beat by themselves without distracting others.

Overall, this is considered to be one relatively new concept if you have just gotten to play the guitar for the first time. However, if you pay little attention during the playing process, you can become familiar with the guitar in just a short period of time.

There are many ways to classify the effects. There are different ways that individuals the divide the function including

  1. You can sort by function
  2. Groups are also the main aspect for sorting the functions out
  3. You can also base on the specification for recognizing those functions

But the fastest and most straightforward method for sorting the function if sorting them through the functional classification. If you have classified in this way, individuals can divide into 2 basic types: Table pedal (Multi Effect Pedal) and Box pedal (Compact Pedal or Stompbox).

As mentioned above, there are different types of pedals that individuals can utilize for their events or musical parties. Take a deeper look, this information below will help you understand clearer about the function of each type.

Distortion effects pedal

Based on the design of your tube amplifier, the distortion produces 3 separated types of effects including the fuzz, overdrive, and distortion.


There are many types of distortion. In addition, they are classified in the similar methods for resonating the quality of the sounds

To illustrate, these types of distortion tend to produced sounds which are rough and hard to listen. If you want to make a perfect combination between different types, the Fuzz and Distortion are the best choices. In contrast, overdrive allows individuals to make low tones become cleaner and they can also change the tone of loud noises.

Dynamics effects pedals

In fact, you will see that in studio there will be devices for reducing the noises and compressors of your songs. Most singers and producers are more likely to utilize these stuffs for making their products catchier and cleaner towards the audiences.

However, with this sound pedals, they also include various types that you can utilize on your products. For instance, the volume pedals, boosters, and tremolo. On the other hand, it can be combined with other processors in the machine as well.

Delay pedal

The delay pedal is designed with a variety of special effects such as echo, delays and some reverbs.Besides various that have been designed separately, it also comes with the processors for controlling the sounds.

In term of delay pedal, it is one type of device for controlling the sounds of your guitar. To illustrate, it seems to be another version of input sound for creating the contrast noise (often called echo). This delay pedal often used for adjusting the notes at the ends of your products.

As a result, the sounds will become catchier and smoother. In individuals can utilize for making the ballad or light pop songs as well.

Pitch modulation effects pedal

There is many types Modulation effect including theChorus, Flanger, Phaser, Ring Modulator, Tremolo, and Vibrato. In term of operation, the type of sound effect signal is more likely to divide them into 2 parts. After that, they will mix again when the signal has been transformed through a wide variety of effects into one particular category.

Here are briefed about different types of pedal that individuals should understand when playing their guitar, especially the beginners. Hopefully through some basic information in this post, you will know how to choose and pick up the suitable pedal for fulfilling the purposes of playing musical products with the guitar.

Different types of pedal when playing your guitar

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