Freedom, dynamic, thrifty – traveling by motorcycle has boundless advantages and excitement. However, it is also quite dangerous. Therefore, to have a successful trip, travelers have to memorize some basic principles. It is not satisfactory that a trip is unexpected. How do you prepare for a perfect trip?

1. Departure time

 Let you ask yourself which season of the year you want to perform the trip? Keep it in your mind, especially when you intend to travel to the mountains where it can be still frost and freezing rain even if the sun shines in the beach.


2. Preparing fixtures, luggage, motorcycle

Helmet:  You should choose a light helmet, having glass to protect from dust, rain and wind.

Raincoat: Bring a raincoat even if it is not rain, especially when traveling to the mountains. A bat and a rain pants been large enough to cover both people and luggage, are really suitable.

Costumes: Make sure that you wear appropriate for long trip by motorcycle. Clothing is made of light material and has long sleeves. Wearing jeans is heavy, difficult to move and be dry. Even in the summer, mountain roads can still be wet and frost as winter. Therefore, it is better that you should be not subjective, and always carry enough clothes to change. Gloves should be short to prevent from fatigue when driving long time. Absolutely, do not wear high-heeled sandals.  Baggage is as compact as possible and is fasten on the motorcycle rather than worn on the back.Take identification, vehicle registration, driver’s license.

Do not forget to bring the camera: Too bad that on the trip, you want to take some photos about majestic mountains, clouds or a rare spectacle, but you do not bring a camera.


3. Preparing the motorcycle

Check motorcycle carefully before going, such as, check winning – tires, spark plugs, lights, horn, mirror, change oil. Traveler should choose efficient, common vehicles to be easy to repair the road as Jupiter, Future or Wave. Other types such as Vespa or Lambretta should be eliminated.Before the trip, take your car motorcycle to be maintenance order that journey is not interrupted at mid-way. Add a small note, please equip yourself with some basic knowledge about the vehicle to be able to handle small incidents, and always carry some spare parts like bulbs, spark plugs … to replace quickly.

4. Researching roadmap, making schedule

If it is the first motorcycle travelling of you, choose close distance way (about 60-120km) and go during the day. After several trips, having more experiences, you can choose more distant destinations and go longer. Take a map. It is necessary to research region: flat road or mountain passes? Plan about where you rest. All members in the travelling group must agree with route to prevent from losing way.

Schedule must be reasonable: when scheduling, make sure that there are interesting destinations during the trip. All traveling day, it is certainly great.  But when stopping, no one want to sit and drink coffee alone in the wilderness, unless your trip purpose is to find a quietly place.

Do not be too greedy: When scheduling a trip, do not try to visit as much as possible in a day. Because of being engrossed with the destination, you forget to take time to hold power. Really, there is nothing interesting if you are exhausted, out of breath, just want to work to eat quickly to take a nap on the bed.

5. On the travelling road

Memorize the slogan “Safety First”: do not run too fast, overtake dangerously, compliance lights and traffic signs. Go close with the others in group but absolutely not run into 2 or 3 rows.

Do not be drunk: It is true that with a trip by motorcycle, who also feel liberated, and often take advantage of the freedom to enjoy as you like, but do not drive when you are drunk. For safety of you and the fellow, do not drink a lot of.


6. Other

Health: The motorcycle has been carefully maintained to be ready for a long journey, what about you? Please ensure good health before and during the trip. Of course, it is not meaning that you have to do the gym exercises or run a marathon before the travelling day, but remember that the healthier you are the more fully you enjoy.  Companions: It is probably the most important thing to make a fun trip. Go with people who can empathize if unfortunately you get lost, are tired or angry. A good companion makes the trip to be interesting and unforgettable!


Experience in traveling by motorcycle

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