In the journey with motorbikes, should have some regulations on the organization of the group and travel. It is necessary to have a successful trip – safe and on time.

1. Leader and fastener

Assign someone to lead and fasten travelling group. The leader has duties such as directions other members in group, controlling the speed of all motorbike, planning on the place where everyone stops when refueling, changing clothes (rain, cold, heat) and other things. When turning, the leader must stop to wait all to turn. In the case of stopping in the dark, the leader turns on indicator for others to see and participate in the delegation. Leaders must be competent to choose the suitable places where everyone stops and rests; select beautiful view and pay attention road signs.  The fastener ensures that no one in group is dropped behind and keeps distance between two motorbikes stably. When someone is lag, the fastener has to go slowly to meet that one. Then, they go faster together to catch up with the delegation. Therefore, a travelling group should have two fasteners to turn for the other. Fasteners must carry auto repair kit, first aid tools and understand as well as the ability to handle and respond quickly to incidents of vehicle damage.


2. For behind person

Along the way, the motorbike has issues that need emergency stop or support of the other people, the behind person will be responsible to contact with behind person of the leader or motorbike as near as possible. Therefore, the behind person need to save all the phone numbers of the others in the group. The driver should also remind person sitting behind to observe the other motorbikes in the group to ensure everyone always observes together in order to protect and make safety of each other.

3. Do not infringe taboos

Absolutely do not overtake the leader except while the momentum up the slope, but after that, reduce speed and let leader go the first.Absolutely do not separate group.Absolutely do not yaw swinging while traffic on routesHave good behavior with locals, everyone should know what to do the best for themselves and for others.Do not drink a lot of alcohol on the way. That is dangerous and can affect the next day’s schedule.When you go on the road, only greet to other groups, do not arbitrarily joined for reasons of safety of yourself. Have no provocative or vulgar comments about the vehicles of other groups. Only talk about technical when having experience


4. Overtaking car

Do not be overcome when going to curves, we do not know what in front of car. If you try to pass the accident probability is extremely high.Just overtake on the left, unless road lanes reserve for motorbikes.Turn left sidelight, honk continuously and move to the left side mirror of a car.Wait and pass car until it has to give way. Otherwise, continue to wait until it gives way.Be especially careful when exceeding super cars, container trucks. The body of this vehicle is very long, formidable. So just go ahead when the road is wide enough and the car definitely show the signs of giving way. If this vehicle speeds away, let accept behind it.If a speeding car approaches in the opposite direction and encroaches, must stop right at the right of the curbside.


5. Take the mountain passes

Depending on the slope, choose the appropriate engine situation: 3, 2, 1. Do not drive weak engine motorbike such as Attila, SCR, LX, SH, PS, Mio, Click. They are both harmful and dangerous when going up or down the hill.Distance between two motorbike is at minimum 10m, if not will crash when the car first continuous spillage.When going up the hill, if not see what screw terminal overheating due to machines. Must stop and take a 15 minute wait for cool down. Absolutely do not jet into the machine because it may crack. The front brakes of the motorbike having life being not too old are disc brakes and rear ones are engine brakes. When uphill, motorbike smoke has burning smell, but rear brake does not. When downhill, motorbike smoke has not burning smell, but rear brake does. This is normal. If you feel a burning smell coming from the machine, not in the rear (where the exhaust and rear brake are) must stop to consider).

Thus, overall test car is essential, especially brakes.



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