Today, travelling by motorbike becomes hot trend in the young. To have a successful trip, you must prepare vehicle and other luggage carefully. Therefore, some below tips may be helpful for you.


1. Vehicle

The first and most important thing is vehicle. In most of trip, everyone will move by the motorbike. Thus, we have to get one car and arrange a couple of driver – behind fellow traveler for each motorbike at the first.

Regularly check the car, before and after each trip such as, check winning – tires, spark plugs, lights, horn, mirror, change oil. Traveler should choose efficient, common vehicles to be easy to repair the road as Jupiter, Future or Wave. Other types such as Vespa or Lambretta should be eliminated. Always carry some spare parts like bulbs, spark plugs … to replace quickly. Driver and behind fellow traveler must to share gas, fixing the car and others money equally along the way. Register information about your motor to group leader. That is necessary because people will help when causing the incident.


2. Digital equipment 

In general, the digital equipment is good for us and for the journey. But their weakness is compact, easy to lose, no water, dropping, out of power, not easy to use if not the employer. Therefore, should be equipped with such measures as restrictions on loan, chief report, check the battery, charger, waterproof, anti-pounding pocket.

Air Laptop:Not encourage to carry away when travelling. But small machines such as netbooks, Ipad can take and put in moisture resistant, shockproof, waterproof pocket. Pay attention to preserve and inform the chief if carrying.

Camcorder, cameraOf course, in a trip, it is not dispensable movie and image. Therefore, be aware of preserving their machines. Check the battery, charger, memory card before going to be sure that nothing negligence. Restrict lending for personal reasons.


It should bring, can constantly update information journey.

Restrictions on loan.

Bagging nylon, waterproof, anti-falling.

Check general account before going.


Just as cameras, it is indispensable.

In the case in the loss of wave, so keep the battery shutdown.

Do not listen to music with the phone.

Do not wear headphones dangle on the road and walking or while playing.

Check the battery, charger.

Restrictions on loan.

Put in plastic bags, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-dropping, bumping.

Music player, video players

No incentive to bring in the trip. Should not use because of inefficient. When sleeping, should not listen to music because of being able to hear individual sounds, other strange noises. In general, should not use these devices.

Radio, Speaker

Can carry.

Can use the loudspeaker announcement

Possible general player

Could hear the news of someday.


Encourage to bring

Record journey


Using the touch

The radios

Encourage to bring

To use the connection, communication

Check charger, battery, frequency

Other machine and equipment

Reporting to the chief if carrying

Attention preserve

Restrictions on loan


3. Tents

The tents are very important in the case of sleeping outdoors, rainy, foggy, sunny or cold. It is helpful to protect not only members of group but also furniture from insect, reptile dangerous animals. However, it is really expensive and heavy. Because tents can be used many times for many trips, but the members of each trip changes frequently. Each member has private character and hobby. Choosing the tents having all characteristics being suitable for all is impossible. It is not easy for everyone to share money. During use times, conscious, responsible person may also be influence if the others use carelessly.

Therefore, some tips relating choosing and using the tents were considered:

We ourselves have to prepare them. We can equip with individual tent, couple tent or multi– person tent. It depends on abilities and interests. In one trip, we bring to use.You can share with your companion and the members of the travelling group. Group leader compile and distribute so that members bring tent sleeping in his tent and no one haven’t tents to sleep.

You can hire, borrow tents. But there are some things noticed:

1- Price is suitable.

2. Confidence is set here.

3- Consciousness and responsibility are placed on top

4- To preserve and maintain


4. Nets, clothes and others

Similar to the tent but because the price is low, it is imperative to equip everyone. If not, in each trip, used in conjunction with companion.

Helmet:  You should choose a light helmet, having glass to protect from dust, rain and wind.

Raincoat: Bring a raincoat even if it is not rain, especially when traveling to the mountains. A bat and a rain pants been large enough to cover both people and luggage, are really suitable.

Costumes: Make sure that you wear appropriate for long trip by motorcycle. Clothing is made of light material and has long sleeves.


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