When you want to buy a bicycle for your child, there is certainly more and more choice nowadays for you. A lot of models to choose from and a lot of manufacturers to consider may make you a bit confused. But don’t worry. We will provide you with some useful information and tips on this field so that you are able to pick the best toddler balance bike reviews for your kids.


The first thing to mention is economics. To avoid a waste of money, you should not buy a too expensive bike or a bike that is not longer-lasting as your kid can probably grow quite fast at the age of 2 or 3. It is said that the price of kids’ bikes almost has the similarly small bikes for adults. One advice here is that getting the bike that is heavier is a good idea as their main material is steel which is cheaper than alloys.


Consider the price of balance bike

The size

Some parents find difficult in choosing a right size that can fit the height of their kids. The size of children’s bikes ranges from twelve inches to twenty-four inches. By seeing in cases your kid is able to straddle the bike comfortable with feet put on the ground, you can decide which bikes are best suited. And this also means you don’t have to care about the issue of dismounting.

Another thing to look at is the handlebar of the bike. The kids can touch the handlebar in the easiest way. In addition to that, the body of your child can bend out comfortably in order for them to steer easily the bicycle.

The frame should be strong

Using their bike roughly is often the routine of the children so you will need the bike with a strong and endurable frame. Apart from that, the seat should be bolted tightly to the frame and the frame also needs to be aligned, you can do this job by just seeing the bicycle from behind.


The Design should be simple

Complicated bikes will make riding more difficult and dangerous so choosing a simple bike is a good idea. Because children may not have the ability to react quickly in a case of emergency, a complex gear system is able to lead to accidents.


There are two kinds of brakes to choose from, hand brakes and coaster brakes which are placed on the back of the wheels. It is really helpful for smaller children because their hands are quite small to use the handbrake easily. The best choice is that choosing the bike that has not only coaster brakes but also hand brakes so that the child can learn how to use two kinds of brake in the long term.

Safe wheels

It is necessary for you to make sure that you are buying a bicycle with a safety measure enclosed on the front wheel that is able to hold it in its place even in cases the axle comes off. You also should test whether the wheels are able to spin easily by spinning them by your hands. The wheel will be steady if the spokes,wheel rim, as well as the hub are made of metal.

Easy to reach

Because kids do not love the habit of leaning too forward but cycle in a little bit upright position, it is important to ensure the child can touch the bar comfortably. Maybe the bike you could want to buy is a slightly higher.


The chain guards

Long pant ends and shoe laces rarely get entangled in the chains. From that point, it is essential to have the chain guards on balance bike for kids to save them from accidents.

The crank size

They should be put on the bicycles at about 1/10of the entire height. But most manufacturers are likely to offer longer cranks, which can make the bike ground. Thus, before you give up the thumbs, you should check it well.

Choose the right store

The salespeople in some bicycle stores may know clearly about a bicycle for kids but not qualified to answers. This is due to the fact that they are not trained formally for install bicycle. So,choose a store in which the salespeople can explain every your questions.

Tips and Tricks to BuyBalance Bikes

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