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Motorbike tourism becomes increasingly flourished, even creating a craze in the young. However, many young people still do not have many experiences. It is easy to arise many uncertainties along the way. In this article, we will bring a small handbook for the “driver” and “behind fellow traveler” (who sits behind the driver) when travelling and make your journey to be more romantic and safe.


1. Sitting distance

Sitting distance is an important factor making success in each trip. Normally, “behind fellow traveler” often is a little shy when sitting near to “driver”, especially in the case of first meeting – “driver” and “behind fellow traveler” know each other when trip begins. However, the “behind fellow traveler” should  notice that do not sit too far away companion because motorbike is easy to lose focus. When the motorbike speeds up or reduces speed suddenly, “behind fellow traveler” is easy to falling backward or pour forward cause dangerous situations for both the “driver” and “behind fellow traveler”.

Hug or put hand into pocket of “driver” to keep safe!

2. Shelving body 

“Driver” and “behind fellow traveler” should cooperate on dangerous road to make a trip is easier When cornering the “behind fellow traveler” shelves to the same side of the corner. The “behind fellow traveler” who travel at first time and have no experience often shelves backwards while cornering because of feeling fear crashing out of motorbike. That is totally wrong action. Experience for the “behind fellow traveler” is to look straight through the shoulder of “driver” and bend body horizontally to make the motorbike is balanced and help the companion to be most comfortable when cornering. Many dangerous roads require both “driver” and “behind fellow traveler” must have these skills competently.

3. Reminding driver

When the “driver” concentrates on driving and in some cases, cannot see some warning signs, prohibition, so the “behind fellow traveler” must observe everything and support the companion on the road. And do not forget to remind the “driver” if the companion gives signs of accelerating too fast, this time the “behind fellow traveler” have to remind the “driver” to slow down accordingly.

“Behind fellow traveler” remembers frequently to remind the “drivers’ to attend on road signs, and drive with safe speed.

Motorbike 9

4. Contacting with others

On the travelling road, when the “driver” concentrates to drive, the “behind fellow traveler” need to communicate with other vehicles. Therefore, need to save all the phone numbers of the others in the group to contact in the unexpected cases such as losing way, other wrong matters. The “behind fellow traveler” will be responsible to communicate with behind person of the leader or motorbike as near as possible.

“Behind fellow traveler” serves as the connection.

5. Helping driver 

The “Behind fellow traveler” should be interested in helping your driver and others. You sit behind, turn on the super bright flashlight and shine on the road for the driver. The driver will keep the speed because of not braking to look, and ensure the overall speed of the group. Care each other on the way will make feeling closer and closer of both.The “behind fellow traveler” should take care of driver about accommodation, even eating, go shopping for necessary things for both expenditures, communication. The “behind fellow traveler” should also take shoulder massage, hand massage for the “driver”. Remember that it is very tired, stress and fatigue in long-distance driving. When stopping, the “behind fellow traveler” has hearted care, take water for companion to drink. Manage carefully the luggage for the “driver”, remind the “driver” to dress the cold coach, taking clothes to the “driver” to wear, know exactly the companion’s everything in any position in the backpack. If you know the way to tie the baggage is an advantage, companion will not be hard to find anything in the backpack when travelling.

Not a few “drivers” and “hugs” will become couples after each trip


6. Give signs for behind motorbikes

There will be some symbols are unified between vehicles, for example, when driving to bend road and should reduce speed, the “behind fellow traveler” of before vehicle beckoned to the rear by a show of hands just down the road. If going to bad roads, the “behind fellow traveler” see how bad the road then wave the hand to show direction , if both sides are bad roads , take the lower arm 2 side and wave the hand like a duck . These symbols were made by all members in prescribed group together.


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